guiding leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve


Today, volunteerism is a widely accepted and commonplace part of many societies.  Conservative estimates suggest that approximately one in every four Americans volunteers in some capacity.  The ways that people offer their time and unique talents as volunteers are limitless.

So, what exactly is a volunteer?  This list of criteria, when met, defines a volunteer pursuit:  

- A volunteer chooses to serve

- A volunteer is driven by a perceived need, and/or

- A volunteer is driven by an ability to have an impact

- A volunteer is not paid or tangibly compensated

So, a volunteer makes the choice to serve.  They think there may be a need for their service, or the opportunity to make a difference.  They do not receive anything in return, apart from the rich fulfillment derived from having their passions fed. 

Volunteerism is answering a calling, an inner drive to be part of something greater, to bring good to the world
through some gesture, grand or small.  These criteria define a volunteer.    

a volunteer defined