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barry Altland's speaking engagements

Speaking Engagements 2018 

January 6, 2018 - HR Florida State Council 2018 Leadership Conference, Orlando, FL

2 consecutive 1 hour sessions - "Conversations That Count:  Creating a Culture of Coaching On Your Leadership Team"

Writer, speaker, thought leader and expert on leading and engaging volunteers, Barry Altland,
has been engaging learners for years with his depth of knowledge and highly interactive facilitation style. 
Barry has led learning conversations and workshops on a variety of topics, including leadership,
volunteer engagement, talent development, organizational learning, human resources and more. 
Add to this experience the thousands of hours designing and facilitating learning content as an
internal talent development practitioner since the turn of the 21st century.     

If you seek an engaging, insightful, enlightening time of learning for the leaders, members and participants
in your organization or event, Barry is an ideal fit for achieving your objectives!  As you will see from the
variety of topics and titles listed below, Barry custom designs content for every speaking engagement,
based upon the expressed and discovered needs, wants and desires of the host/sponsor organization, 
to ensure targeted learning for all who are present!     

Contact Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Collective today to have Barry engage participants
at your upcoming event!