- What is a Volunteer?

- What is Volunteer Engagement?

- What is Otherliness?  

- Why Head, Heart and Hands?

engaging the passion of a volunteer

- Rethinking Volunteer Recruitment

- Discovering Individual Intrinsic Motivators

- How Much Time to Invest in Discovery:  The Time and Talent Matrix

- When to Invest in Discovery

- The Guide for Engaging Volunteers

​- Connecting Volunteers with "Right Fit" Roles

- Spotlight:  Jodi Fisher and IMPACT Virtual Services

sustaining the passion of a volunteer

- Rethinking Volunteer Motivation

- Sustaining Your Own Engagement 

- Prepare:  Equipping a Volunteer to Serve

- Share:  Guiding a Volunteer Along Their Journey

- Be There:  Supporting a Volunteer With Everyday
  Leadership Practices

​- Rethinking Feedback

- Coaching and Mentoring

- Removing Barriers to Service

- Spotlight:  Andrew Stanley and Volunteermark

​- Care:  Inspiring the Heart of a Volunteer

- Rethinking Volunteer Recognition

- Spotlight:  Blaine Ung and txtMovies

redirecting the passion of a volunteer

- Rethinking Volunteer Termination

- When to Consider Redirecting the Passion of a Volunteer

- The Importance of Coaching

- Becoming a Volunteer Performance Analyst

- The "Don't Know" Factor - What To Do

- The "Can't Do" Factor - What To Do

​- The "Don't Care" Factor - What To Do

- Parting Ways With a Volunteer

- Why Otherliness Matters:  Where Grace, Peace, Forgiveness
  and Acceptance Fit in Volunteer Service

next steps for leaders of volunteers

developing the head and hands
of a leader

- The Difference in Engaging Volunteers

- The Difference Between Volunteer Management
  and Volunteer Leadership

​- The Importance of Organizational Vision, Mission, Values
  and Competencies

- Spotlight:  Stengel Family Endowment for Excellence in
  Alumni Volunteer Leadership, Pennsylvania State University 

- The Chain of Volunteer Service

- Otherliness and the Leader of Volunteers

"Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer"is a simple guide for leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve.  The book is rich with stories of volunteers, and leaders of volunteers, who share their triumphs and tragedies while serving a cause greater than themselves.

The book, written by Barry Altland, also details a number of specific practices a leader of volunteers may add to their daily repertoire to engage, sustain, and at times, redirect the passions of those who raise their hands
in service.  

The hope of the book, "Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer,"is that it offers leaders of volunteers the power to change the world.    

The book is currently available as of June 2015.  Sections of the book include:      

How can the head, heart and hands engagement approach help you engage volunteers?

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revealing the heart of a volunteer

- Why Do People Choose to Volunteer?

- Somewhere Between Selfishness and Altruism

- Why Else Do People Choose to Volunteer? 

guiding leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve