guiding leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve


Ask about how your organization can earn profit
by engaging with hhhe!


Organizations will find value in engaging in a partnership with the thought leadership
of the Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Collective.  Recognizing that just as every volunteer brings their unique set of intrinsic motivators to their service, so it is with every organization that uses volunteers.  No two are alike.  

The Collective will partner with your organization to explore the most appropriate
strategy for discovering the passions of every volunteer who raises their hand in service. The Head, Heart and Hands Engagementapproach will also work closely with leaders
​of volunteers in your organization to apply the most effective combination of leadership strategy and daily practices that support feeding the passion-fires of every volunteer
​who chooses ​to serve.        

partnership opportunities and services available ​for organizations 

The opportunities for your organization to partner with the Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Collective
are limitless and flexible.  Staying true to the "one size does not fit all" ideology, below is a sample list of the possibilities that could have a positive impact on the way your organization's leaders engage your volunteers
​in passion-filled, meaningful, sustainable service to the cause and its beneficiaries:

  • Comprehensive Partnership (a longer term relationship that includes on-site and virtual collaboration)
  • Needs-Based Partnership (a shorter term relationship that may include on-site and/or virtual collaboration)
  • Full-Day, Half-Day and Flexible Length Skill-Building Workshops  
  • Interactive Keynote Presentations
  • Panel Discussions
  • Lunch and Learn Sessions
  • Book Club Chats
  • Virtual Workshops and Learning Sessions
  • Guest Blogging and Article Contributions
  • And More!  Have another idea?  Let's explore the possibilities together!