guiding leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve


ServeSock the Volunteer Monkey is a friend and official mascot of the Head, Heart and Hands Engagement Collective.  Originally born in Canada, ServeSock proudly wears his HHHE hoodie wherever he goes in his travels.

ServeSock believes in Otherliness, volunteerism, service and being kind to those he encounters in his life.  He is gentle, sweet and lovable, preferring to be handled with care when in the presence of human friends.  He is always ready to pose for a photo, and he is open to any monkey-themed jokes and innuendos your creative mind can whip up!  Chances are, he's already heard them . . . but he stills finds them funny!

ServeSock now considers Winter Garden, Florida, his adopted home, and he resides with his host parents and people friends, Barry and Kristy Altland. 

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who is servesock?

Barry Altland is a writer, speaker, thought leader and published author of the book,
“Engaging the Head, Heart and Hands of a Volunteer,” a simple guide for feeding the passion
of those who serve.  

Barry blends world-class leadership principles from the for-profit world with his own
numerous experiences as a volunteer and leader of volunteers to offer a fresh perspective
on volunteer engagement. 

In his professional life, Barry has cultivated talent strategies in a variety of industries,
ranging from the theme parks of Central Florida to agribusiness, supply chain logistics,
financial services and healthcare.  He has invested fifteen years developing talent
and leadership across all levels of organizations.  Barry has served as a collaborative partner
to teams and leaders to assess performance inhibitors and devise creative solutions
that optimize people, passion and performance.  Mr. Altland has designed and facilitated
hundreds of workshops and interactive learning experiences.      

Barry’s volunteer life spans faith-based service, homeowners association leadership,
professional association leadership at the local and national level, working with youth,
athletics, education-based volunteerism and social impact organizations. 
Barry has even designed and led corporate social responsibility strategies
in multiple companies.    

The result of these experiences is content-rich guidance for leaders of volunteers
to help them lead with Otherliness.  As leaders embrace Barry’s unique perspective,
they develop into leaders better prepared to touch the hearts of volunteers
by engaging them . . . one person at a time. 

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