guiding leaders of volunteers to feed the passion of those who choose to serve


The Orange County Community Conference 2017 was a joy!  Nearly 300 community leaders convened in Barry's own community of Orlando, FL, to engage in meaningful workshops on a variety of topics, including this one facilitated expertly in front of the four-camera set-up, titled, "Attracting Volunteers to Serve In Your Community."  

​Take the time to learn valuable leadership lessons and gain applicable insights in the video capture of this hour-long interactive workshop.


Another 2016 trip to Atlanta resulted in a TV interview with the "Let's Talk NonProfits" Show, hosted by Nash Alexander III.

Nash and Barry explore several of the key concepts of the book, "Engaging the Head,
Heart and Hands of a Volunteer,"
such as
a) Otherliness, b) the contrast of leaders Equipping, Guiding, Supporting and Inspiring their volunteers as opposed to the more traditional Command and Control approach, and c) the value of offering Feedback and Coaching to volunteers to effectively engage them . . . one person at a time.     


Close friend, founder of The Win It Minute
and fellow Winter Gardener,
Keith Greiveldinger, and Barry team up
for this installment in a series of
inspirational messages designed to
touch hearts and encourage all of us
to "Win the Day!" 

Nice work, Keith, with a glowing feature
of Scott Billue and the ministry work of Matthew's Hope, a homeless ministry changing lives right here in west Orange County, Florida (coincidentally, Pastor Scott Billue 
wrote the Foreword to the book!) 

Video interviews on the book, "engaging the head, heart and hands of a volunteer"

PGTV in Bartow, Polk County, Florida, features
a regular half-hour show titled the
"Writer's Den," hosted by Jane Waters Thomas.

Jane and Barry explore the learning concepts
of the book in an engaging 30-minute exchange of ideas.

Her insightful look at leadership, as well as
​her prominent role in the community, made this
in-depth look at "Engaging the Head, Heart
and Hands of a Volunteer"
a meaningful investment! 


BizLynks TV expressed a keen interest in learning more about the book and its messages during a 2015 trip to Atlanta. 

Check out R. Pamela Adams Alexander as she interviews writer and speaker Barry Altland
for their YouTube channel.

Barry takes the opportunity to highlight the role Otherliness plays in leading and engaging volunteers.   

Video WORKSHOP on the book, "engaging the head, heart and hands of a volunteer"